Develop Your Wealth Consciousness. It’s easy. Really.

Okay, develop my what?  You may have heard the term ‘wealth consciousness’ in the past but didn’t know what all the fuss was about regarding it and it’s development.

Well, it’s really simple.  If you want more abundance in your life, this concept is something you truly need to sit up and take notice of to make it work for you.

Here are some easy steps to develop your wealth consciousness:

  • Focus: it’s been proven that what you focus your attention on appears. So if you constantly talk about, think about and focus on what you don’t have, you will experience more lack.  If you concentrate and appreciate what you do have, more of what you want will come to you.
  • Let go of feelings of scarcity: do you become fearful every time a bill arrives and you worry when you drop the check in the mail to pay it or click BUY NOW online to purchase an item? It’s a challenge, but keeping an attitude of There is more where that came from is key.  Dump the scary emotional view of paying out money and know more will appear when needed…it will.
  • Give & you shall receive: it’s not just some biblical quote you hear on Sunday before the collection basket is passed. It is a fact and an important part of wealth consciousness building that giving results in receiving.  If you are willing to give with an attitude of sincerity, you are well on your way to receiving great things!
  • Expect It:  When you expect miracles, they will happen.  Keep an expectancy regarding your abundance and success.

For more tips and guidance on creating wealth consciousness, email me at: kishia@legendarylifestyleacademy.comwealthconsciousness

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