That’s Just a waste of time…

What would happen if we turned off Netflix, the tablet and our smartphone for two hours a day?  Okay, besides have electronics ‘separation anxiety’ what would be the real result?  TIME!!

Throughout the day, we spend a lot of time on activity that we don’t realize rob us of the ability to reach the success we want to obtain. Whether the goal is to have a better marriage, improved job skill, or to just get the bedroom closet organized, you have to reserve time to complete these tasks.

The average American spends FIVE hours just watching television daily.  I don’t know about you, but 10 minutes of viewing the Real Housewives of ANY city is 10 minutes of my life I would certainly want back.

What I’ve learned from many of my successful mentors is that success does not happen by accident.  All successful people have common habits when it comes to his or her use of time.

Here is a sneak peek at a few of those habits:

  1. Create your TO DO LIST before going to bed: high achievers plan out their day.  This helps to avoid spending too much time on activities that are not productive.
  2. Get Physical: good health generates energy to get through the sometimes stressful day.  Most successful people dedicate sometime in the morning to physical activity.
  3. Goal Setting and Visualization: If you can see it, then you can be it! Most successful people have very specific goals and action plans for reaching those goals.  By knowing exactly what you want and how you will do it,  makes it easy to visualize your end result.

Of course, there is nothing wrong about setting time aside to enjoy life, but we should view time as a precious commodity that we cannot retrieve once wasted.

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