Waiting for perfection…and waiting and waiting and waiting…

What is it about our society that causes many of us to strive for perfection?  In magazines, we see models with perfect bodies…on television we see perfect families living in perfect homes…on social media we see cute couples posing in selfies to document perfect relationships.  But what we don’t see is the air bushing of the model’s thighs for the magazine ad, the behind the scenes arguments within that perfect family and the problems that cutesy couple on Facebook really experience.

Are you letting the need for perfectionism actually PREVENT you from success?  How could that be you ask?

Ironically, people who lean toward perfectionism sabotageimages his or  her chance for success.   For example, most tend to  be procrastinators; waiting for the right circumstances to best increase his or her chances for accomplishing some task successfully.  Here’s where that irony comes in again…that ideal or  perfect time or space may NEVER occur so he or she automatically fails!  One of the key traits of successful people is not being risk-adverse.

Here are a few trait perfectionists often posses and how they can be adjusted for better results:

  • Highly critical of others: a perfectionist point out the flaws in others largely because they can’t accept in others what they can’t accept in themselves.  However, if a less judgmental attitude where taken by a perfectionist, it would be easier to be less critical of his or herself.
  • Takes everything personally: a  perfectionist takes failure personally; they tend to not be as resilient to a setback and can allow it to beat them down mentally.
  • Tends to get upset about insignificant mistakes: if spilling a latte at the coffee shop causes an emotional meltdown or seeing a typo in an email after hitting send puts you in crises mode, you just might be a perfectionist. If less focus is placed on failure and more focus is placed on the big picture or the end result, the small mistakes won’t seem so big.

So what are you waiting for? Now is the PERFECT time to succeed even if there are some failures along the way.





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