Uncovering the lessons following a life transition

Your heart drops, you feel a little faint and the world seems to pause for a moment as you try to catch your breath.
A life crisis has just shaken your life.womenunderstree_7.20.17
Death, divorce, unemployment, a negative medical diagnosis are some of the life experiences that change your life in an instant. The change can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused.
A former client explained her transformative life moment. “One evening as I was leaving the office to go home, I got the call that my mother had just passed away after a long illness,” She tearfully recalled, “I wondered, what will Dad do? How will he make it? What about the rest of the family?” She went on to explain a similar feeling of overwhelm just nine months later when I got an early morning call from her sister saying that her Dad had passed earlier that morning.
After a major crisis erupts in life many emotions may spontaneously show up such as confusion, loneliness, sadness and even anger ~ it’s okay to just feel what you feel (however, if thoughts of harming yourself or others occur, please do seek immediate medical attention).
During this time you may want to take time away from any activities that call for complicated decision making or critical detailed thinking since this may or may not be possible.


Note of Encouragement: Your journey towards recovering from a life crisis is made up of many small steps put together. All you have to do is decide to start with that first step. Just decide and do it!


Let ‘If Only’ Go…
After an unexpected life change you may have thoughts of guilt, regret or anger. It’s natural to think, ‘if only’ or maybe there was ‘something I could have done differently or done more of’ to result in a different outcome.
Control Negative Self Talk
The reality of your life now is different then it was prior to the major life event. During this transformative time, negative self-talk could become your norm, but doesn’t benefit your progress toward moving forward. Because you have struggled doesn’t mean you have failed even though a negative voice inside might try to tell you otherwise. Be conscious of your self talk.


Note of encouragement: Let your future, prove your past wrong. Don’t spend time wondering ‘what if,’ as you journey forward think of what can be.


Your Next Steps
So what is your next move? There is no simple or easy answer on how you actually take your first steps out of the initial shock of a major unexpected life transition. You can only begin where you are ~ that could mean small steps.
A small effort like getting out of bed no matter how much you want to stay under the covers could be a small step. But if this is your current reality, get up and be proud of yourself!
Being around supportive friends and family who will not be critical or push you to go beyond what is comfortable for you is important to getting through this transitional phase of life. Staying active can keep help you avoid negative thoughts or extended periods of self-pity. Also when we accept a new situation, we make a huge step forward. Sometimes the biggest stress comes when we try to fight the change and try to stay where were are or in the past.  This is especially difficult when you have no choice but to accept your new situation.
Have you found yourself in the middle of a life transition? Are you seeking support and/or information on successfully getting from where you are now in to where you eventually want to be?

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…is this the right thing for me?

…when it comes to making a life decision it can be paralyzing. But one question we can start with is, “Am I Being Honest With Myself, Really?” When we arrive at what we think is the answer, sometimes it’s really just the ‘easy’ answer or solution. However, if we feel tension and or feel the need to “present our case” for something to convince ourselves or others that it’s ‘the answer’, maybe it truly is not the right decision.

There is liberation and empowerment in REALLY getting to the truth of why we make the decisions we do- even if we don’t act on the truth, but hopefully we do.

Are you in the process of making a decision? Are you making honest choices for your life that will result in you really being happy and healthy?

Better decisions, result in fewer regrets.

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A Change is gonna come…

Is your current life situation in transition?  Transition or change, happens in life and we can adjust to it or avoid it.  It’s hard to find peace in the fighting the natural cycles we experience in life. Maybe what is occurring now in your life is forcing you to re-route your plans and or goals.  Often times we can feel anxious, stressed or just plain depressed when in the midst of a life change, especially one we didn’t see coming.

Here are a three ways to help move through a transition:

  1. Accept it – sometimes the biggest stress comes when we try to fight the change and try to stay where were are or in the past.  This is especially difficult when you have no choice but to accept your new situation such as in the case of losing a loved one.
  2. Give yourself time – change can take a little time to adjust to and there is no need to allow anyone, including yourself, to rush you in acceptance of this new experience and place in life.conversation
  3. Find support – some transitions can be overwhelming if you attempt to handle it in isolation. Let a close friend or family member in on what is happening.  Sometimes finding an emotionally safe place to rest makes a big difference in how you cope with it.

If you are in transition and want to get more information on successfully getting from where you are now in your transformative life phase to where you eventually want to be, contact kishia@legendarylifestyleacademy.com



Confused? This post is not an enlightened research piece on how to figure out your life or even an instructional piece on how to be confident about making major or minor life decisions like soup or salad at Panera Bread today for lunch.

But I am going to share what I’ve learned about confusion. And one major lesson I learned is that it’s okay to feel this way.

The simple reality is that there is nothing that has to be ‘figured out’ when we experience this…still confused about being confused? Well, to put it simply, we can only start to become un-confused when we allow ourselves to start where we and begin making moves toward clarity.


…start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.

Taking steps little, by little with the resources and experience we have at the moment in order to move toward a solution may seem like a really overly simplified piece of advice, but what clear options DO we have when we don’t know what to do?

Once we make the commitment to go as far as we can, once we get there don’t we typically see even further ahead? Although it’s a little scary to embrace this way of arriving at the answers we seek, it will ultimately allow us to open up to greater potential to unfold ahead.

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