A Change is gonna come…

Is your current life situation in transition?  Transition or change, happens in life and we can adjust to it or avoid it.  It’s hard to find peace in the fighting the natural cycles we experience in life. Maybe what is occurring now in your life is forcing you to re-route your plans and or goals.  Often times we can feel anxious, stressed or just plain depressed when in the midst of a life change, especially one we didn’t see coming.

Here are a three ways to help move through a transition:

  1. Accept it – sometimes the biggest stress comes when we try to fight the change and try to stay where were are or in the past.  This is especially difficult when you have no choice but to accept your new situation such as in the case of losing a loved one.
  2. Give yourself time – change can take a little time to adjust to and there is no need to allow anyone, including yourself, to rush you in acceptance of this new experience and place in life.conversation
  3. Find support – some transitions can be overwhelming if you attempt to handle it in isolation. Let a close friend or family member in on what is happening.  Sometimes finding an emotionally safe place to rest makes a big difference in how you cope with it.

If you are in transition and want to get more information on successfully getting from where you are now in your transformative life phase to where you eventually want to be, contact kishia@legendarylifestyleacademy.com


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