Address The Mess

We’ve all done it–ignored a small issue until it became a major problem.  It could have been a relational, professional or financial mess and because ‘the mess wasn’t addressed’ at the onset it caused unnecessary stress. Here are three easy ways to ‘address the mess:’

1. Don’t sweep the problem under the rug and believe that you can ‘get to that later,’ if you see smoke now be prepared for the fire burning around the corner!

2. If you feel overwhelmed by the problem, get help.  Confide in a friend, colleague or if needed a professional who has experience with your particular situation.

stressed-woman-320x213.jpg3. Once you have the issue under control, look at what led to the problem to understand what lead up to the mess.  And be satisfied in knowing the experience was a powerful lesson in gaining wisdom in this area of your life or career.

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