Are you a know it all?

“I knooow,” was my favorite phrase as a teenager.  Often times, the phrase had to be said with eyes rolled for emphasis.  Specifically, when a parent would remind me of something that I needed to listen to for my own benefit, those words came out of my mouth automatically. Now that my parents are gone and I’m older, I know that I don’t always know it all.

I learned many valuable lessons from my loving parents who spoke from the wisdom of experience.  One important lesson experience has taught me is that it makes sense to not only listen to advice given to me for my benefit, but to also respond on the information by acting on it. Let’s think about this: in the morning you get out of bed, look in the mirror and the wise response to that startling reflection is to make yourself presentable enough to go to school or work.  Or when your stomach growls the wise response would be to eat food. So why is it when we’re given access to wise and beneficial information and resources when facing a challenge in life we don’t respond wisely by acting on it?

Here are three ways to help us when we are hesitant about responding to a problem:

  1. Been there, done that. Talk to someone who has been in a similar situation and ask what they did. Listening to someonesmartwoman.jpg who has gone through the thing you face is invaluable–even if what they chose as a solution resulted in failure for him or her, ask them what they learned from that too.
  2. Do it NOW. Sometimes procrastination will cause us to talk ourselves out of the right way to go.
  3. Commit to your decision. Don’t waiver in what you choose to do.  If you have listened to your instinct and compared it to the information you have gotten from others, decide on your answer and stick with it!

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Tis The Season – for annoyance!

The calendar says we are near the holiday season.   Retailers have begun displaying festive decorations and promoting sales for holiday gift giving.  But this can be the opposite of ‘the most wonderful time of the year,’ for many of us since we have to look forward to dealing with people who are negative and just rub us the wrong way. This group of people can be described at the ‘sandpaper people’ who are abrasive and rough in their treatment of you and others.

Most of us will experience these ‘rough’ people specifically throughout the season.  They can include our stressed-out sales manager who is freaking out about making end of year sales, or the overworked check out lady at the grocery store, your never-have- anything –positive- to -say Aunt or my favorite: the mall shoppers who like to re-create scenes from the popular car chase movie, The Fast and The Furious, in their mini-vans as they compete for parking spaces near the entrance.  Tis the season, right?

Here are a few tips making sure you stay sane despite the holiday craziness:

  1. Don’t take the negative as a personal images (4)attack—it’s usually not about you, but them! Stressed out and overworked people sometimes will lash out because they have not learned to manage their emotions and it builds up to become an explosion.  That’s their issue so don’t carry that responsibility as your own.


  1. Be realistic with your time. The holidays can bring added pressure to add more to your schedule like holiday gatherings, visits to family and friends, church activities etc.  To prevent yourself from burn out, learn to prioritize your time and avoid cramming too many places to be and things to do in your day.  Remember NO, is a complete sentence.  You don’t have to explain.


  1. Don’t over indulge in holiday food. I know it’s easier said than done when you are tempted with fresh baked cookies, pies and special holiday beverages served at every party.  But over eating can not only add extra pounds but cause us to feel sluggish and negative about our self-image – especially when New Year’s Eve arrives and you cannot put your size 12 leg into that size 8 pair of pants you planned to wear to dinner.

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