You Are Full Of It!

KishatCozumels_1.3.18-3144963577-1515096672487.jpgI’m full of it too.  What I mean is beautifully described in 2 Timothy 1:7. Regardless of  your spiritual path or who you consider to be your Higher Power–this is good stuff to take deep into our spirit. Specifically, the verse tells us that we were NOT made to be timid or afraid, but we are full of power and love. In this picture, although I’m sitting calmly at a neighborhood restaurant, I was fighting a major battle within myself.

You see, I was eating my dinner solo because I decided not to attend a grief support meeting that evening with my husband –we’ve been dealing with the tragic suicide death of his young son for sometime now.  I was feeling emotionally drained and overwhelmed.  I couldn’t bring myself to go on this particular day.  However, I struggled with guilt for not being with my husband as I had been at every session.  I struggled with doubt regarding whether or not I should have communicated how I felt more clearly.  Where was that POWER and LOVE stuff?!

This was a few months ago.  Since that time, I’ve worked continuously on recognizing, developing and using to the fullest, my God-given power and love–often using it as a weapon to fight against those battles of the mind and heart that we all experience.

2018 brings 12 NEW CHAPTERS and 365 NEW OPPORTUNITIES to live our life purpose!  Are you ready to receive the gift of POWER and LOVE to change your life? Maybe you’re going back to school, searching for a new job, going through a divorce, experiencing a loss or stepping into sobriety.  Whatever transition you’re going through you are SO close to your break through! you want major changes in your life and don’t know where to start?  You can have what you desire!  Let’s talk about creating your powerful breakthrough in 2018. Email me direct at  or Click the below:
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