Address The Mess

We’ve all done it–ignored a small issue until it became a major problem.  It could have been a relational, professional or financial mess and because ‘the mess wasn’t addressed’ at the onset it caused unnecessary stress. Here are three easy ways to ‘address the mess:’

1. Don’t sweep the problem under the rug and believe that you can ‘get to that later,’ if you see smoke now be prepared for the fire burning around the corner!

2. If you feel overwhelmed by the problem, get help.  Confide in a friend, colleague or if needed a professional who has experience with your particular situation.

stressed-woman-320x213.jpg3. Once you have the issue under control, look at what led to the problem to understand what lead up to the mess.  And be satisfied in knowing the experience was a powerful lesson in gaining wisdom in this area of your life or career.

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…is this the right thing for me?

…when it comes to making a life decision it can be paralyzing. But one question we can start with is, “Am I Being Honest With Myself, Really?” When we arrive at what we think is the answer, sometimes it’s really just the ‘easy’ answer or solution. However, if we feel tension and or feel the need to “present our case” for something to convince ourselves or others that it’s ‘the answer’, maybe it truly is not the right decision.

There is liberation and empowerment in REALLY getting to the truth of why we make the decisions we do- even if we don’t act on the truth, but hopefully we do.

Are you in the process of making a decision? Are you making honest choices for your life that will result in you really being happy and healthy?

Better decisions, result in fewer regrets.

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A Change is gonna come…

Is your current life situation in transition?  Transition or change, happens in life and we can adjust to it or avoid it.  It’s hard to find peace in the fighting the natural cycles we experience in life. Maybe what is occurring now in your life is forcing you to re-route your plans and or goals.  Often times we can feel anxious, stressed or just plain depressed when in the midst of a life change, especially one we didn’t see coming.

Here are a three ways to help move through a transition:

  1. Accept it – sometimes the biggest stress comes when we try to fight the change and try to stay where were are or in the past.  This is especially difficult when you have no choice but to accept your new situation such as in the case of losing a loved one.
  2. Give yourself time – change can take a little time to adjust to and there is no need to allow anyone, including yourself, to rush you in acceptance of this new experience and place in life.conversation
  3. Find support – some transitions can be overwhelming if you attempt to handle it in isolation. Let a close friend or family member in on what is happening.  Sometimes finding an emotionally safe place to rest makes a big difference in how you cope with it.

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Confused? This post is not an enlightened research piece on how to figure out your life or even an instructional piece on how to be confident about making major or minor life decisions like soup or salad at Panera Bread today for lunch.

But I am going to share what I’ve learned about confusion. And one major lesson I learned is that it’s okay to feel this way.

The simple reality is that there is nothing that has to be ‘figured out’ when we experience this…still confused about being confused? Well, to put it simply, we can only start to become un-confused when we allow ourselves to start where we and begin making moves toward clarity.


…start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.

Taking steps little, by little with the resources and experience we have at the moment in order to move toward a solution may seem like a really overly simplified piece of advice, but what clear options DO we have when we don’t know what to do?

Once we make the commitment to go as far as we can, once we get there don’t we typically see even further ahead? Although it’s a little scary to embrace this way of arriving at the answers we seek, it will ultimately allow us to open up to greater potential to unfold ahead.

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Where are you?


…so, we’re almost at the half-way point in 2016 and I know where did the time go?!

Many of us started the new year eager to make changes in our life.  Perhaps your big change was to release weight with a new diet and fitness regime, maybe it was to get out of debt or start a business.  Are you on track?  Have you fallen short? Or possibly you have jumped in with both feet and taken off with your goals and are rocking out your plans as you had hoped – if so, here’s a fist bump to you girlfriend!

But, if you’ve run out of steam on the way to your dream it’s never too late to begin again.

Here are three quick tips to not jump ship when it comes to your plans:

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others.  Some of your friends may have be having a great 2016. But don’t let yourself get sidetracked by others success, let it be a motivator.  Do what you can do.

  2. Be consistent. Consistently make it a habit to do one thing daily, whether it be large or small, to draw you closer to your goals.  It could be as simple as skipping the bowl of ice cream and walking around the block after dinner or instead of watching television before bed read a chapter from the book about starting your own business that has sat on your night stand for months.

3. Get an accountability partner.  Yes, you have to tell somebody you trust about what you want to accomplish and encourage them to hold you accountable for it.  It could be a friend, your spouse, a group of like-minded legendary ladies (wink*)…just be ready to share and maybe even take some constructive criticism to help you succeed.

…you are capable and all that is possible for you is just one faith-filled step away.

Life Take An Unexpected Turn? 5 Ways To Bounce Back!

Are you at a place in life that you didn’t think you’d be?  Maybe you were happily married for years and suddenly find yourself single.  Maybe you worked for the same company for a long time and recently discovered your position is being eliminated?  Or possibly you have always been healthy, but shockingly diagnosed with a life-altering illness.

Life can pull the rug from under our goals, dreams and expectations in the blink of an eye.  Change unexpectedly can be scary; it may feel like we have no control and cause frustration, anger or depression.

However, here are five ways to cope:

  1. Accept the change that is happening.  The sooner we acknowledge that life has changed, the sooner we can begin to adjust.
  2. Decide your next move.  So this happened what can I do next and what will be my attitude toward moving forward?  These are very critical questions to ask yourself.
  3. Let go of ‘if only I had done things differently’ thinking. It is not productive to get stuck in this self- destructive thinking.
  4. Find support through your friends, relatives and/or spiritual family.
  5. Be kind to yourself and give yourself time to transition into a new way of life.



Waiting for perfection…and waiting and waiting and waiting…

What is it about our society that causes many of us to strive for perfection?  In magazines, we see models with perfect bodies…on television we see perfect families living in perfect homes…on social media we see cute couples posing in selfies to document perfect relationships.  But what we don’t see is the air bushing of the model’s thighs for the magazine ad, the behind the scenes arguments within that perfect family and the problems that cutesy couple on Facebook really experience.

Are you letting the need for perfectionism actually PREVENT you from success?  How could that be you ask?

Ironically, people who lean toward perfectionism sabotageimages his or  her chance for success.   For example, most tend to  be procrastinators; waiting for the right circumstances to best increase his or her chances for accomplishing some task successfully.  Here’s where that irony comes in again…that ideal or  perfect time or space may NEVER occur so he or she automatically fails!  One of the key traits of successful people is not being risk-adverse.

Here are a few trait perfectionists often posses and how they can be adjusted for better results:

  • Highly critical of others: a perfectionist point out the flaws in others largely because they can’t accept in others what they can’t accept in themselves.  However, if a less judgmental attitude where taken by a perfectionist, it would be easier to be less critical of his or herself.
  • Takes everything personally: a  perfectionist takes failure personally; they tend to not be as resilient to a setback and can allow it to beat them down mentally.
  • Tends to get upset about insignificant mistakes: if spilling a latte at the coffee shop causes an emotional meltdown or seeing a typo in an email after hitting send puts you in crises mode, you just might be a perfectionist. If less focus is placed on failure and more focus is placed on the big picture or the end result, the small mistakes won’t seem so big.

So what are you waiting for? Now is the PERFECT time to succeed even if there are some failures along the way.





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Develop Your Wealth Consciousness. It’s easy. Really.

Okay, develop my what?  You may have heard the term ‘wealth consciousness’ in the past but didn’t know what all the fuss was about regarding it and it’s development.

Well, it’s really simple.  If you want more abundance in your life, this concept is something you truly need to sit up and take notice of to make it work for you.

Here are some easy steps to develop your wealth consciousness:

  • Focus: it’s been proven that what you focus your attention on appears. So if you constantly talk about, think about and focus on what you don’t have, you will experience more lack.  If you concentrate and appreciate what you do have, more of what you want will come to you.
  • Let go of feelings of scarcity: do you become fearful every time a bill arrives and you worry when you drop the check in the mail to pay it or click BUY NOW online to purchase an item? It’s a challenge, but keeping an attitude of There is more where that came from is key.  Dump the scary emotional view of paying out money and know more will appear when needed…it will.
  • Give & you shall receive: it’s not just some biblical quote you hear on Sunday before the collection basket is passed. It is a fact and an important part of wealth consciousness building that giving results in receiving.  If you are willing to give with an attitude of sincerity, you are well on your way to receiving great things!
  • Expect It:  When you expect miracles, they will happen.  Keep an expectancy regarding your abundance and success.

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