That’s Just a waste of time…

What would happen if we turned off Netflix, the tablet and our smartphone for two hours a day?  Okay, besides have electronics ‘separation anxiety’ what would be the real result?  TIME!!

Throughout the day, we spend a lot of time on activity that we don’t realize rob us of the ability to reach the success we want to obtain. Whether the goal is to have a better marriage, improved job skill, or to just get the bedroom closet organized, you have to reserve time to complete these tasks.

The average American spends FIVE hours just watching television daily.  I don’t know about you, but 10 minutes of viewing the Real Housewives of ANY city is 10 minutes of my life I would certainly want back.

What I’ve learned from many of my successful mentors is that success does not happen by accident.  All successful people have common habits when it comes to his or her use of time.

Here is a sneak peek at a few of those habits:

  1. Create your TO DO LIST before going to bed: high achievers plan out their day.  This helps to avoid spending too much time on activities that are not productive.
  2. Get Physical: good health generates energy to get through the sometimes stressful day.  Most successful people dedicate sometime in the morning to physical activity.
  3. Goal Setting and Visualization: If you can see it, then you can be it! Most successful people have very specific goals and action plans for reaching those goals.  By knowing exactly what you want and how you will do it,  makes it easy to visualize your end result.

Of course, there is nothing wrong about setting time aside to enjoy life, but we should view time as a precious commodity that we cannot retrieve once wasted.

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Yes, it’s okay to say NO!

We live in a fast paced world where many of us don’t stop until it’s time for bed.  However, why is it difficult to say ‘no’ when we understand that it will add more to do items on our already crazy agenda?  Do you feel guilt or even obligation to do something you don’t want or have the time to do?

Here are a few reasons to stop saying yes, when you mean NO!!

  • You can’t please everyone:  You heard the old expression. Even if you do say yes to someone else’s request it doesn’t guarantee their satisfaction.  It could backfire if you agree to a task and you can’t actually follow through with it.  This is very stressful on you and the person who expected your assistance.  This can be avoided completely by saying no up front.
  • You have the power : Only you know what your daily priorities are and only YOU can CONTROL how you prioritize your day.  If you let other’s requests dictate your day, it1412864081221_wps_14_Woman_reading_text_messag will lead to chaos! You’ll resent them for not being able to get anything done.
  • You don’t owe them one:  Sometimes you will be expected to ‘return a favor’ extended to you by someone else.  Here is how to look at it.  You don’t owe anyone anything!  If someone does a kind thing for you, it should be understood that the act was extended as a gracious gesture and not something to hold you under obligation for later.

You are the C.E.O of your life, manage it well.

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Stop Comparing Your Life To Others!

You are scrolling through Facebook.  You stop mid scroll to look closer and see that girl who graduated with you on a wonderful Parisian vacation with a handsome man.  As you click on picture after picture of them laughing, eating and having a good time, you feel worse about your life.  Then you click on Instagram and see that friendly lady you chat with each morning at the coffee shop about work, dating and life etc.,  just posted fabulous photos of her tropical honeymoon.The last time you spoke, she had not been on a date in months and she’s married!

We’ve all done it.  We compare ourselves to others and it makes us feel inadequate about our life.  Social Media, television, magazines and the movies  all have images of those we are told we should be ‘keeping up with…’

While we’re saying to ourselves, it’s not fair, let’s look at the reality of the situation.

Television, movies and magazines have editors!  You are not truly not seeing what you are seeing!  The same rings true for social media.  While the folks may photograph themselves having a great time, you’re only seeing the ‘high points’ of their lives.  You rarely see a candid shot of your friend having a big argument with her handsome new husband or your neighbor who is a terrific cook burning the Hawaiian Chicken on the grill or your perfect co-worker’s child having a full-blown melt down at the grocery store.  You get the picture (no pun intended).

But don’t feel bad, for feeling bad.  It’s natural that we want to see where we fit in the scheme of things.  Our mind needs to rank or successes or failures in comparison to others.  But here are a few ways to refocus on a more healthy way to process thoughts of comparison.comparison

  1. Compare your current SELF against the past SELF:  look at how far you have come in your own life.  Have you released a significant amount of weight to become healthier?  Have you completed a degree? Have you become a better spouse over the years?  There are MANY ways to compare YOURSELF now and in the past and feel good about what you’ve accomplished.
  2. Realize How IMPOSSIBLE it is to truly compare: there is only one you so how can you compare?  We all have our own unique experiences and journeys through life so there really is not way to measure that with someone else’s life experiences.
  3. Pursue greater and higher things in life:  some of the most awesome things in life are love, compassion, humility, generosity etc. things that are often ‘hidden’ from the visual…you can’t take a selfie with wisdom, but you sure can gain more of it and benefit from it more than posting a picture of your vegan burger at a new cafe.

Sure, there is nothing wrong with browsing social media to keep up on events in  the lives of your friends and family, but remind yourself that nobody is perfect!

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Staying Positive In A Negative World

With all the negativity in the world, it can sometimes be hard to have a positive outlook.  When you turn on the television, you see crime, death and war.  You open the newspaper and you can read about the same things.  Combined with problems we may face daily with our job, marriage or children it can seem easier to join the crowd of negative complainers.

However, we can stay positive and happy regardless of our surroundings.

Here are a few ways to find the positive around you:

  1. Turn off the television: again, we are bombarded with negative imagery in the news and in popular television shows and movies
  2. Laugh: as the old saying goes, ‘Laughter is the best medicine’.  Tell a silly joke to your kids, spouse or crabby boss.  A laugh goes a long way to changing negative attitudes.
  3. Leave a good feeling behind: end a letter, email or meeting on a positive note.
  4. Take Notice of the good in Life: stop and be present while having a good meal with family or friends, enjoy playing with your newborn nephew.  When you stop and take notice of these happy situations, you can appreciate them more and more of these positive things will increase in your life!
  5. Smile MORE: if you make an effort to do this simple gesture, you’d be surprised at the POSITIVE responses you receive from others.

If you simply look for positive things in life, you will find them.

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…but it’s kinda scary!

Developing courage can certainly be scary.  Most of us like to play it safe.  But by doing the opposite, how would your life change?  Would you be bold enough to ask for that promotion at work or even resign and start the business you’ve been tinkering with in your mind for years?  Maybe you will be courageous enough to ask that beautiful lady or handsome man you talk to every morning at the coffee shop for a date.

Here are a few ideas to build your courage:

  • Start Small, but START: just make the decision to make bolder choices and start doing it. This will boost your confidence and make it a lot easier.
  • Keep the attitude of expectancy: One of the best kept secrets of successful people is that they make a decisions with the expectation that the outcome will be positive.  Make a choice with the mindset that the outcome will be to your benefit!
  • Say YES more often: allow yourself the opportunity to do something new. By simply participating in an activity you’ve never done before can give you a huge dose of courage especially if it turns out to be something you’re good at doing!

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I did it! Here's me building courage by boarding a cruise ship although I previously was afraid of traveling over large bodies of water.

I did it! Here’s me a short time ago building courage by boarding a cruise ship although I previously was afraid of being near large bodies of water.


Finding Purpose

I remember my big eyes staring back at me from the bathroom mirror.  My pudgy face inquisitive wondering for what seemed like hours,’ What am I doing here?’  Was it weird for an elementary school aged child to think about this?  Oddly, even as a small child, I struggled with the question that most people don’t ponder until they reach adulthood.

We all have a purpose, but it’s not so easy to understand what it is or how to use it.  Discovering your purpose is such an exciting life event and when used to it’s fullest, can benefit others.  It’s well worth the journey to uncover yours.

Here are a few questions to help you begin to discover your purpose:

  • What are your unique gifts or talents?
  • What do you value?
  • Who inspires You?

Step outside of yourself and help others.  By taking action, through giving your time to others by listening, volunteering or other selfless acts, you may ‘accidentally’ discover what it is you are meant to do in life.

This process may take time but don’t give up, the world could be completely different because you share your purpose with it.

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The Undeniable Power of Self Confidence

You’ve seen those people who seem to have it all together.  They always seem to get the ‘lucky breaks’ in life.  But there is much more to those happy, lucky and successful people.  What we don’t often see is the inner work they put into creating that life sometimes envied by others.

Here are some quick tips to building the self confidence you desire:

  • Start by setting YOUR OWN standards –  people who have rock solid confidence, hold rock solid values.  These values could relate to your personal standards, your business and spiritual values.  If you believe in them, don’t sway  from those values.  If you know what you believe in and don’t allow circumstances or individuals to lead you astray from them, you will be happy, stronger and confident.  This will show on the outside.
  • Examine the INSIDE you – You may have heard it before that you are what you think about.  If you think thoughts of boldness and success, you will gradually grow into those qualities.  Just as when you think thoughts of peace and good will, you will experience these things outwardly in life.
  • Be Kind To YOU – Many of us are our own ‘worst critic’ and this can effect our foundation of rock solid confidence.  Sometimes just engaging in positive ‘self talk’ can make a huge difference.  Tell yourself how proud you are of yourself for making that presentation or getting that new client or going to the gym when you didn’t feel like it.  Go ahead and get a new hairstyle or treat yourself to a nice dinner with your mate or a friend.

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